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Important Guides

Guides to Owning Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Knowledge is power. Here are some of our most popular guides:

Essential Guide To Storing Gold In Switzerland

Why Switzerland?
Europe's precious metals hub
Global financial hub
Global transportation hub
Key benefits of storing in Switzerland.

Essential Guide To Storing Gold In Singapore

Singapore is one of the most stable countries in the world today - both politically and economically, and is emerging as the pre-eminent precious metals trading hub in Asia.

The Comprehensive Guide to Investing In Gold

Gold has been sought after for its unique blend of near indestructibility, beauty, rarity and because of its status as a means of exchange and universal currency par excellence for centuries.

10 Important Points To Consider Before You Buy Gold

Despite recent events in the gold market we firmly believe that gold is set to protect, preserve and grow wealth in the coming years as it has done throughout history.

7 Key Storage Must Haves

For first time buyers of gold bullion or even those looking to select a new storage partner, GoldCore has drawn up a list of key storage must haves: the absolute benchmark list that will enable you to evaluate potential bullion / storage partners.

Essential Guide to Tax Free Gold Sovereigns

The Sovereign is a British gold coin containing nearly one quarter of an ounce of gold. Importantly, Sovereigns are CGT (capital gains tax) free in the UK.

Protecting Your Savings In The Coming Bail-In Era

It is now the case that in the event of bank failure your deposits could be confiscated.

Let's be crystal clear: the EU, UK, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand all have plans ...

From Bail-Outs To Bail-Ins: Risks and Ramifications

The era of bondholder bailouts is ending and that of bank depositor bail-ins is coming.

Preparations are in place by the international monetary and financial authorities for bank ...

The Essential Guide to Storing Gold Offshore

An indispensable 11-page guide that gives you the knowledge you need to securely store your gold offshore.

Currency Wars: Bye, Bye Petrodollar – Buy, Buy Gold

Currency wars are probably one of the greatest risks posed to the wealth of individuals, companies and nations today.

Currency wars and the threats posed to the U.S. dollar as ...